Sketches from the Spanish Mustang

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Sketches from the Spanish Mustang

– “With a skill on par with any of the great American novelists, Mr. Wretlind has penned a tale of such emotional and literary depth that it will haunt the reader long after the last page is turned. He has penned a tale filled with rage, sorrow, loss and just a little bit of hope. He has penned a tale that can only be described as a masterpiece.”

– “Wretlind takes readers on a unique journey that rips away the outer layers of people allowing us to stare into their souls where humanity is universal: no matter the genre of writing.”

A jilted husband with a grudge, a bomb, and a dead wife; three mothers facing life and death; a warrior in a battle with his memory; a man at odds with the stereotypes surrounding him; an immigrant looking for fortune in the wrong places; and a woman who can’t stop running for her life. These are the subjects of a woman with a gift, a woman who has already lost everything. Through her art, she hopes to see them all through different eyes while serving penance among the denizens of a town once dead.

An artist sits at a table in a casino in Cripple Creek, Colorado. She is broken, alone, and she is waiting. She’s waiting for redemption, waiting for a chance to prove she can really see through someone else’s eyes. And as she waits, she sketches those around her, those who keep their secrets buried deep. It’s not simply something she wants to do; it’s something she has to do, and it might just save a life.

While all people have secrets, the artist quickly learns that some of them are every bit as dark as her own. There is the immigrant looking for fortune and finding death along the way. There is the woman running for her life, desperate to hide in a small town that is, for its own sake, trying to live again. There is the angry man, jilted by his now-dead wife, looking for revenge. There is the veteran who can’t remember, the woman about to lose her mother, and the drunk who doesn’t want to be what people see on the outside. There are more people, everywhere, behind every turn of the card, and all of them have secrets.

Sketches from the Spanish Mustang weaves each person’s story–both intriguing and magical–into a single narrative about love, death, penance and peace. As the mystery of the woman’s sketches unfolds, the lives of her subjects unravel with it. This is the artist’s gift: to uncover the hidden in life. Yet gifts can be curses, and curses can be secrets. For the artist, remembering is penance. Through the eyes of the woman who is forced to spend her life attempting to correct her own misguided view of those around her, the reader is given an opportunity to see more than the vagrant, more than the alcoholic, more than the immigrant or the woman running from her past. The novel breaks down stereotypes and allows the reader to peer into the eyes of the people we all turn away from.

– “I cannot recommend this or any of Wretlind’s writings more highly. He is a unique American voice and–I do not exaggerate here–a Pulitzer-caliber writer who deserves more recognition.”

– “…a unique and masterful writer…able to use the slightest descriptor to allow the readers to see them in their mind’s eye, to feel the things they feel, their wants and desires, their fears and regrets.”

– “Filled with cutting descriptions, all sharply detailed but fluid, this is very well-written and intelligent, acerbic in tone, and with a nice little twist there at the end.”


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