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The following poem was written in the late 1980s, although I don’t remember the year exactly. At that time, I was introduced to free verse poetry through a creative writing class I was taking. What struck me today (for the first time) was the idea of a castle in the sky, one of the central tenets of CASTLES: A FICTIONAL MEMOIR OF A GIRL WITH SCISSORS (which is still free, by the way).

Anyway, here’s today’s drip. Enjoy. Or don’t.

In an open sky
There lies a castle built of tears
And eons of lamentable loneliness,
All encompassed by an ever deepening moat–
The murky waters a sanctuary
For the beasts of the night,
For things that go “bump,”
For hideous forms that feed on anxiety
And the salty doubt that streams
From within my psyche.
Like clockwork, the moat swells
At the inception of depression,
Reaching up into the cracks
Under the drawbridge
And oozes over the cobblestone streets
That are blackened with sadness
And maudlin memories.

And inside that castle
I sit on my throne,
Poised above the world
That I have fabricated;
With scepter in hand
I govern my passions,
Control my inhibitions,
And dictate that things be done
In whatever fashion I see fit.

But, more often than not,
I find myself mopping up the mess
Conjured up by my perpetual depression.

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Benjamin ran with scissors when he was five. He now writes. Follow him at or on Twitter @bxwretlind