Benjamin X. Wretlind

A Reader, Writer, Artist, Woodshop Tinkerer & Therapy Candidate


The rumors are true: I wrote a few books and short stories. Check out the full list.

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Fine-ish Art

Those rumors are true, as well: I like to paint. I can’t call it “Fine Art” though.

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What would the present be without news about the future?

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Who is Ben?

That’s a good question. I ask myself who I am often. Sometimes I answer.

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I’ve written a few books, deleted a few books and am, of course, writing a few books. Here are most of them.

A Difficult Mirror

A Novel

In a world between Heaven and Hell, the past becomes the present.


Sketches from the Spanish Mustang

A Novel

A  woven narrative of love, death, penance, and peace.


Regarding Dead Things on the Side of the Road

A Collection of Short Stories

A collection of 14 short stories – bizarre, horrific,  soft & quiet.


Silence and Fire

A Novella

A weekend camping trip turns terrifying as a boy wanders off into secret-filled forest.


Fine-ish Art

I never said it was great art…just fine-ish. To view the gallery, check out the ETSY store link below. I’m adding more and more as I create, so unless the creative juices stop flowing, there will be more to see.

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What’s New?

Castles, the first novel I wrote, has been picked up by Black Rose Writing for a July 2018 release. I’ve added a few needed elements and smoothed out the story. There’s also a new cover coming.


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