Benjamin X. Wretlind
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So, who is this guy? That's really not an easy question to answer, although you may think so. Who are we? Electrons and protons and neutrons held together by some quantum force to form neurons and cells and synapses? Are we flesh or are we soul? Isn't this the stuff philosophers and scientists, monkeys and preachers have been asking for centuries?

If you're looking for a quick biographical sketch of Benjamin's life, here's one for you: he has been--at different times, of course--a fry cook, range boy, greens maintenance technician, reservations agent, room service attendant, editor, banquet server, meteorologist, instructor, program manager for Internet applications, curriculum developer, training simulation engineer, certification coordinator, and human performance improvement consultant.

His wife, Jesse, is an artist and counselor, which helps dealing with the five kids they raise as well as a dog and a cat. There were two hamsters, a gerbil, a rabbit and three fish...but things happen.

Exciting stuff, to be sure. There was that one time he took flight on the wings of an F-16, but he puked.

All in all, the important thing to remember is that Benjamin X. Wretlind is a writer. He has penned a few novels, deleted a few novels, edited a few novels and is, of course, writing a few novels as he continues through this life in front of him.